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Drive in style, revel in cool comfort and connect with ease, thanks to all the features loaded into our sophisticated window tint.

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Types of Film We Use

Llumar IRX Infrared Rejection Tint

The solar control technology in these top-of-the-line window films targets all of the sun’s heat-generating rays: visible light rays, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and infrared (IR) rays. Since all our tint has 99% UV protection and your personal style likely decides tint shade, the comfort-driven focus on IR takes this category of tint to the top. Feel the difference when you compare identical darkness levels of our premium infrared rejecting tint with lower-level film products. You can expect our IR-rejecting ceramic tint to deliver in areas beyond heat rejection as well. They’re available in a generous range of color-stable shades and offer excellent electronic connectivity, durable scratch resistance and impressive glare control. Connect with a dealer today to learn about pricing and installation.

Llumar CTX Ceramic Window Tint

Every single stylish shade of this ceramic window tint is paired with nanoceramic technology. This manufacturing innovation makes it possible to deliver excellent heat rejection, glare control and UV protection that’s completely metal-free, so it won’t interfere with signals from your electronic devices. If you’re demanding and want your car to get noticed, you’ve found your match in ceramic auto tint. Our auto tint starts with components like color stable dye and powerful adhesive. We manufacture to the strictest standards, too. This means adding nanoceramic particles for heat rejection, plus more technology for UV protection and scratch resistance.

Llumar ATC Dyed Window Tint

Do you imagine yourself gliding down the road like a spy, disguised by sophisticated cover? Rolling like a rock star, bass thumping in dramatic darkness? Or do you simply want a charcoal to match your factory privacy glass? With our dyed window tint, you’re free to dream up a look that will transform your car from ordinary to envy inspiring. Our dyed window tint is definitely high on style. Still, it’s a smart buy that’s worthy of your auto investment. Every shade can turn heads, resist scratches, reduce annoying glare, and block 99 percent of UV rays. Our dyed window tint is a mixture of polyethylene, UV blockers and premium dye that’s extruded into a micro-thin sheet, then coated with a second UV blocker and adhesive. Other tint films have dye applied only to the surface, making them less durable and likely to discolor.

Window Tint Percentage Viewer

Car Window Tint 5 Percent


Percentages are based off of total visible light transmission. 

Car Window Tint 15 Percent


The lower the percentage, the darker the film is going to be.


The darker you go, the more heat rejection you obtain.

Car Window Tint 30 Percent


All of our films come with >99% Ultraviolet Protection.


All of our films come with a nationwide, lifetime warranty through Llumar.

Car Window Tint 50 Percent


50% is a common film or to keep your front doors very light.  We wouldn’t recommend going darker than 50% due to more less visibility at night.


Our Air-Blue 80 is a virtually clear film.

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